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As a licensed Class 2 manufacturer, RPM brings the NFA/Class 3 community the ability to do semi to full-auto conversions. A full scale machine shop with state of the art machines and tooling will fabricate what ever your heart desires.

As a licensed Class 3 dealer we sell short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, suppressors and machine guns to qualified individuals. We are always searching for transferable guns. RPM has the resources to purchase entire collections... and we pay cash!

For the law enforcement community we have the ability to demo many fine weapons from many fine manufacturers . Whether it be a small town force of 8-10 officers, a swat team of 30, or a Department of 300 we have what's right for you!

  • We Specializing In: Custom Manufacturing,
    Law Enforcement Sales, Silencers/Suppressors
    And Full-Auto Conversions. All Regular Gun
    Sales Are Welcome As Well.
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  • Our customers save with RPM because
    we have 0% overhead. How? My partner
    and I enjoy guns on a personal level.
    We have other businesses operating in
    the same location. They pay the over-
    head so YOU don't have to! We just want
    to enjoy buying and selling guns. Not
    worrying if we meet our bottom line
    with our gun sales. Great for you!
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  • After you've priced the rest, call the best!

Sales Manager
Aaron Bond
(863) 289-1952


Robert (Willie) Little

Thank you for your
support and patronage.